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Mail Lists (Patients & Caregivers), ChatRoom, Forum, SmokeNoMore, TLC, etc.
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Bits and Pieces
     "Depression" by JoVon Tucker
     "Making the Doctor Appointment Work" by Cecile Maurice
     "Mowing Your Lawn" Author unknown
     "Hydrogen Peroxide" by Elaine Rester
     "Showering Suggestions" by Alisa Pink 
     "Sidewalk Weed Killers" by Elaine Rester and Alisa Pink
     "Cooling the Night" by Carol Collins
     "Labeling Your Meds" by Alisa Pink
     "Lifting Heavy Loads" by Veneta Clarida
     "Think Ahead" by Nancy Majava 
      "Making the Home Ready" by Nancy Majava
COPD - Find the Cure
COPD Links
Gadgets and Goodies
     Absurd Animal Ailments by Alisa Pink
     Wellness Tips you Can Learn From a Dog
     Miscellaneous Humor
     The HMO Knows All
     Handy Exercises to prepare for your hospital experience
     Patient Puns by Alisa Pink
     The Doctor Sez
      Signs You Have Joined a Cheap HMO
      Certain Cold Cure by Martin Minue 
      Hose In The Nose Stories 
Medical Information
     "Patient-Doctor Relationships" by Brenda Hoilman
     "Oxygen Use" by Brenda Hoilman
     "Quit Smoking Facts" by Brenda Hoilman
     "Breathing The Easy Way" by papapoo
     "Compilation of Pulmonary Definitions" by Sandi Wood 
      "Medical Prescription Form" 
      "Living Through The PFT Results" by Nancy Majava
Papapoo's Guide To Improving Quality of Life
Personal Stories and Testimonials - Living With COPD
     Brenda Hoilman
     Jan Frankie 
     Darla Arnold
     Glenda Jones
     Sylvia Edwards
     Bill Powell
     Ed Costello 
     Donna Wall 
     Karen Kerrigan 
     Pat Dooley 
     Dorothy Williams
     Cecil Montgomery
Saving Energy

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