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Music Jukebox

Select a song and it will download so it plays for you.  To return to where you were, use your browser back key. To return here from any screen click on the small jukebox as pictured below.  Do not try to select a tune while one is playing.  If you don't like what you hear, use the stop button on your browser. 

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blueball.gif (926 bytes)The Air That I Breathe blueball.gif (926 bytes)I Will Survive blueball.gif (926 bytes)Iris
blueball.gif (926 bytes)Alive blueball.gif (926 bytes)Jazz blueball.gif (926 bytes)Zip-a-dee
blueball.gif (926 bytes)Another Night blueball.gif (926 bytes)Chopin Waltz blueball.gif (926 bytes)Dueling Banjos
blueball.gif (926 bytes)Titanic blueball.gif (926 bytes)Whiter Shade of Pale blueball.gif (926 bytes)Africa

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